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The current Rating List came into effect 1 April 2010. Every commercial property is given a Rateable Value to which a rate in the is applied to arrive at the rates payable. The Rateable Values in the current list are based on the Open Market Rental Value of the properties as at 1 April 2008. The next Rating List is due in 2017.

This firm is experienced in valuation for rating purposes and we will be pleased to advise on whether the Rateable Value seems correct, whether it is in line with other Rateable Values and what the financial implications of an objection are, bearing in mind the previous rates payable and transitional and other reliefs.

Be sure to appoint a rating surveyor with experience and qualification.

Not all Rateable Values are too high and not all have increased! Beware making an objection without being confident that all of the property and recent improvements are included and that a reduction is likely.

Our fee is tailored to the circumstances of each case and is payable once the outcome is known, not before.

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